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Trinity P.G.
We have capacity of 48 Beds.

Rule For Boys

1. CO-OPERATION IS HIGHWAY TO SUCCESS So, co-operative nature is expected, for any issue Or P.G. Owner has the Vitto Power to take decision.

2. Two Copies of KYC (ID Proof) and 2 Photographs are compulsory tobe submitted at Admission time.

3. Non-Vegetarian item is Stricaly not Allowed in P.G.

4. P.G. should be kept Clean & Hygenic With Cooperation.

5. Nobody can meet any member without permission in P.G. No friends/Relatives/Outsiders are allowed Without permission.

6. Boys have to return back to P.G. by 10:30 PM (Or Ocassionaly be late with prior permission/notice-information.) The ward has to Mention the timings of their Jobs

7. Boys doing Night Shifts have to inform in written.

8. Two/One Month's Deposit has to be paid at the day of Admision.

9. Anyone member who wants to leave the P.G. has to inform the Owner in written before 60 days.

10. Member leaving the P.G. before 6 Months, will be eligibleto get refund of 50% of refundable deposits Members Leaving the P.G. will get the Refunds PDC as per Conditions.

11. In any case member leave the P.G. suddenly in running month full Rent will be charged for that current month.

12. Nobody wll be allowed to stay to their without the permissions of their Gurdions/Perents.

13. All are requested Not to carry any valuable things. And if anyone keeps it at its own risk, Owners are not responsible for any loss. Members have to take care of their own Goods.

14. Members has to take care of the All Furnitures, Electronic Appliances, Utencils, etc etc.. Or from the deposits losses will be deducted Stricly.

15. Parents can stay with child for 2/3 days, by paying Extra Charges(Rs 400/- per day on availivity of space.

16. Our Cook, Healper & Cleaner are doing their best work but they are also humanbeings, Members has to cooperate if any mistake occurs.

17. Sunday Evening Kitchen remains Close. 8/10 Days of Diwali P.G. remains Closed Every Year, Candidates should NOTE.

18. Members get all the facilities included in their Pacages, Extra facilities will be charged Extra.